Parallel - sliding systems

Sliding window designs with innovative duoPort PAS fittings take on a new dimension of functionality. Along with the functions of opening, shifting and closing, panoramic windows with duoPort PAS can also have the function of airing through a parallel shift of the leaf along the entire perimeter by 6 mm. The control functionality is added using a long window handle.

Valid options

Maximum leaf weight - 160 kg
The minimum fold width of the fold - 750mm
Maximum fold width on the fold - 1650mm
The minimum fold height on the fold - 650mm
Maximum fold height on the fold - 2300mm
The ratio of "width: vystota" - ≤ 2.5: 1
Perimeter strapping - WinkHaus ActivPilot Comfortx
power rail
door closer
Anti-burglary WK1 / RC1 even during airing

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